Donald Trump Is An Asshole

That’s it.  He’s not Hitler.  He’s not the antichrist.  He’s not even Silvio Berluscone.  He’s just an asshole, and the trouble with America is that we’re a nation of assholes. When you look at it like this you can see why he’s wildly popular.  He says whatever he wants, has no concept of consistency with […]

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Bernie Sanders *IS* My Compromise

So please, my well-intentioned but rather concerned friends (and those who are timid party-first loyalists), stop telling me I’m a spoiler.  A hipster.  A political elitist.  Or a baby.  There are many reasons why I could be called a baby (and enjoy it) but my political philosophy and orientation aren’t among them. As I watched […]

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Been a While.

I’ve gone through a lot of changes since I last made an entry here, too many to recall off the top of my head.  Perhaps the biggest is that after 15 years of delivering pizza, I’ve decided to switch careers and move to something new, exciting, challenging, and rewarding.  But let’s back up a bit. […]

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