My grandmother loved Victor Borge.  She once tried to play me an album of his, but I was too young to get it.  But, this isn’t about either of them. That’s just my riff on the person who said the nifty quote I’m using.

It’s getting towards the end of my work week, and I’m starting to get a little threadbare.  It’s day six of eight, and my fifth twelve-hour shift in a row.  When I got home last night I was really feeling it.  Yet, tired as I was, I was so glad to be home.  I’ve been rather fond of doing this lately: I took my husband’s hands and just stopped, thinking of nothing but that moment, basking in our shared breathing and the contact between us.  It’s so simple and powerful, and communicated so much without speaking.

Afterwards, we watched some stuff on the YouTubes and I got into a very silly mood.  When we were getting ready for bed we began to talk about how much heating oil would cost. As a way to put a pin in that conversation, I started hugging him from behind and humming some nonsense melody, dancing and just not letting go.  That made us even sillier as his initial worryface gave way to giggling and chuckles.

Then, as I walked up the stairs to get ready for bed, my cat, Finn, walked across my line of sight and gave a long, complainy-sounding meow.  Instantly I mimicked it, exaggerating it so I sounded like Azrael from the Smurfs. 


(If its one thing I do enjoy it’s when I get a WTF look from my cat)

I recognize that this isn’t funny without the visual and auditory components.  If you ever want to see my impression of my cat in person, perhaps I’ll share it sometime. The important thing is that Chris and I began to fall apart laughing, and as soon as we began to regain our composure, I repeated the gag and we cracked up all over again.  I was doubled over gasping at one point, and when you reach that tipping point, anything is funny and laughter is contagious and difficult to come down from.  I laughed so hard that snot began to run out of my nose and I began to cough… almost the same way it does when one is crying intensely.  I know, gross, but… life is messy.

I laugh like that maybe two or three times a year.  It’s not easy on me.  Sometimes my muscles actually become sore the next day from how hard they contract. But the point of this is that laughter is so healing, and so vital to life.  I don’t want to live in a world without it.  I don’t want to experience life without random outbursts of silliness.  I’m so amazingly grateful that despite the challenges we face, we can still laugh like that together.  It brings us closer, and it’s one of my favorite things ever.


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