Nobody Expects Abba to be Played After (the death metal band) Inquisition

So I got a new phone the other day when my Galaxy Note 4 explo- no, no, too easy.  The battery just quit completely on me.  It was time.  Since the Holy Hand Grenade of smartphones is currently unavailable for purchase (let’s jam another Monty Python pun in here, shall we?), I took a step back and got a phone with fewer features. 

When I opened my music player for the first time, I went to the artist I wanted to hear and picked a song.  It was probably Devin Townsend Project, that’s always a good way to kick things off.  The song ended and I expected to hear another Devy song but no, that did not happen.  Instead, Weezer began to play.  I checked my phone to make sure the shuffle was off but decided to let it play out.  The next song was not Weezer, it was Amon Amarth.

I didn’t have the time at the moment to figure it out, so I just let it ride.  I have almost 14 gigs of music on my SD card, so I figured, let’s see where this goes.  It went everywhere, from death metal to prog rock to classical to 70’s pop to 90’s alternative.  

What a great way to rediscover some bands and artists that I hadn’t chosen to listen to in a while.  What a great way to rediscover deeper cuts that don’t get a lot of play when you listen to a given album (seriously, Vital Signs by Rush… So good).  

Today I’m thankful for a gentle kind of chaos, one which reminds me in a subtle way that you never know what is next.  I may not really like the song that does pop up, but it will not last forever, and there will be another song that I do like soon enough.  What a great and simple way to practice taking things as they are.

Eventually I found out why the player kept shuffling, but I didn’t care.  I decided to leave it on random for the foreseeable future.  I like it better that way.


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