Oh Good. Another One.

So I was at TeddyCon last weekend and I got to spend a lot of time with a great friend, Mako Allen.  He’s been sort of a beacon of towering inspiration for me as I’ve gone through the last few years, starting with his work on the Big Little Podcast, and then developing into a very awesome friendship based on a love of philosophical conversation, corny but sometimes dark humor, and above all, being grateful. 

I patterned this blog after his, which can be found here.  He’s been blogging almost every day, finding that one or two things to be thankful for, and though I haven’t been as prolific, it’s an exercise I still do on a daily basis.  

This weekend he told me that starting when he was 13 years old, he woke up one day and said, “Oh good. Another one.”  He went on to describe that it was his way of being thankful for one more day.  He still does it every day, 32+ years later.  

It resonated with me.  It made sense.  So I tried it the next morning.  I said it out loud.

“Oh good, another one”. 

The heavens didn’t open up, and a choir of angels did not sing.  What did happen, though, is that I felt centered.  That simple phrase put me in the present and helped me to stay mindful throughout the day.  Mako and I spoke about this throughout the whole week, and here, six days later, I’m still getting the same benefit from such a simple exercise.  It doesn’t guarantee me a stress-free day and it’s not a magic bullet that kills problems, but it does help keep things in perspective.  It keeps me humble and glad that I have a clean slate in front of me.

It helps me create the kind of day that I want and to take things as they come, and I’m amazingly grateful for ir.


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