Of Wind, Wisdom, and War

I’m using my blog as a way to post a Frost Giant update because, well, it might be a bit long for a Facebook status.

Drummer Rich Berends and Frost Giant have parted ways amicably.  In fact, the whole band kind of just went on indefinite hiatus for well over a year.  Our last show was in May 2015, and prior to that, we hadn’t played since August of 2014.  As the man steering the ship, this is totally my fault, because I could have put more effort into the band, but I chose not to for a myriad of reasons.  The truth is I’m just not a very good band leader.  My strength lies in my creativity and writing, not necessarily in practical application like booking shows and keeping things organized and flowing.  I’m also persnickety about things, though, and I wasn’t very willing to turn control over to anyone else.  As a result, the pace of events for the band has been rather glacial.  It’s no surprise that the people in Frost Giant have all moved on to other projects.  Rich has always been active with other bands (bands that actually pay him real money).  Scott, Jay, and Jonathan are all part of an amazing Iron Maiden tribute band called Tailgunner.  Over the few years we’ve been playing as a live band, I never expected any of them to wait on me and not do anything else.  My, how time flies when you aren’t paying attention.

So here we are now, Spring of 2016.  A few weeks ago I spoke to Rich about the band, and after seeing his gig schedule for the next year, figured it would be for the best if we looked for a new drummer should we move forward with doing live gigs.  I’m honored and humbled to have had the drummer for Mastermind playing in this little oddball project I started ten years ago recording into a Radio Shack cassette recorder.  His shoes will not be easy to fill, and I wish him all the best.

That brings me to the rest of the band, and whether or not they wanted to do the ‘Giant again or move on.  Again, I could not fault them if they had said no, but fortunately, they did not.  While the nature of how we operate may change, I’m glad that they’re willing to stick with me.  Moving forward, we will be looking for a new drummer for live shows.  In the meantime, we will be active recording as much as we can. 


The second half of The Harlot Star is nearing completion and I’m looking at a May release, which will include a remix/remaster of the first segment and another 23 minutes of new music tacked on to the already 20 minutes that is currently out there. 

I just posted a cover of Peter Murphy’s Strange Kind of Love, which was recorded in March of 2016.  Late last year I posted a new song called The Purge.

I’m going to put out The First Veil of Snow by late fall. 

I have four new songs for a new album already recorded, four songs partially recorded, and ideas for at least 3 more songs.

Also, our EP When Myth And History Merged Into Mystery will be available to buy super cheap from the Frost Giant Bandcamp page in the coming weeks (where you can also pick up the Silver Dagger single for mega-cheap).

I’ll have help from Jay, Scott, and Jon in my home studio getting all of this creative effort done, and if we recruit a drummer along the way, then yes, we will do the occasional show.  In the end, as much as I’ve procrastinated, I’ve worked too hard to just let this go. 

Thanks to all of our listeners for bearing with me.  Thanks to my bandmates for their patience and understanding.  Thanks to all of you who have supported this project over the years.  It means so much to me, and ultimately, I can’t just walk away because I’m as much a fan of it as anyone else.



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