Donald Trump Is An Asshole


That’s it.  He’s not Hitler.  He’s not the antichrist.  He’s not even Silvio Berluscone.  He’s just an asshole, and the trouble with America is that we’re a nation of assholes.

When you look at it like this you can see why he’s wildly popular.  He says whatever he wants, has no concept of consistency with his positions, belittles and attacks his GOP competitors and brags about the size of his penis in a televised debate, and lowers the bar for every discussion he is in.  He connects with average Americans because most of us are complete and total assholes.

We are a country that loves an antihero.  We like the rogue badass who struts in, breaks all the rules, and gets things done.  We like Rambo.  We like Stone Cold Steve Austin.  We buy into this mythology that one person alone can come in and make everything right and the more of a slam dunk, in your face, punk out your rivals manner in which it’s done, the better.

It’s no coincidence that the Republican debates have resembled WWE programming.  The stages have even been made over in the image of Monday Night Raw.  It’s smackdown over substance every time.  Can we really blame Donald Trump?  Where would he be without the legions of assholes who reward him for being an asshole?  Where would his political stupidity be if not for throngs of politically stupid people?  And for the few who support him who do have a full set of teeth and more than three functioning brain cells who rationalize his inane rhetoric, well, they’re kind of assholes too.

But the scary thing is, as bombastic as Trump is, he really is not that different than the other candidates.  In fact, he’s more liberal than them on many of the issues.  He argues against the War in Iraq and has since 2003.  He is opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty.  His stance on social issues seems kind of meh, as he isn’t self-flagellating for religious votes like Marco Rubio, and he isn’t the glazed-eyed true believer that Ted Cruz is.  And the rather adultish and “reasonable” Governor John Kasich signed a bill defunding Planned Parenthood in Ohio, still thinks that marriage should only be between a man and a woman, and openly laments that disenfranchised groups have to sue for their rights under public accommodations laws.

So, Trump may be an asshole, but he’s really just the asshole producing the most diarrhea.  The other assholes are producing just as much if not more shit, but it’s not as messy or sensational.

Grossed out yet?  Good.

Because if you support deporting children and adults who were brought to the US as kids, raised and educated here, and sending them back to a place they have no knowledge of, then you’re an asshole.

If you support removing access to healthcare for 10 million-plus people (as flawed as Obamacare is and only because it’s not universal single-payer healthcare), you are an asshole.

If you want to ban all Muslims from coming to America, put those who already live here under heightened scrutiny or cordon them off in camps, and turn away refugees fleeing the bombs that we are raining down on their countries, you are an asshole.

If you support torture, you’re an asshole.

If you support denying poor women vital health care offered by Planned Parenthood because of the small percentage of abortions they provide relative to the rest of their services, you’re an asshole.

Come to think of it, if you believe that your religious beliefs are more important than a woman’s decision on whether or not to bring a child to term, or that your beliefs are somehow more valid than the circumstances they are in, you’re an asshole, and that goes for any of your religious beliefs that you wish to force others to live by.  Just stop it already.  You’re being an asshole.

How about we try not being a nation full of assholes and see how that works out?  That’s something each of us can do in our own lives.  In fact, none of what I’ve said is going to change the mind of even one Trump supporter, one Republican, or anyone else.  Most will double down on the diarrhea and call me a libtard or something and go away even more convinced that they’re right.  We can only change ourselves.  I’m just writing this to tell people to calm down a bit.

This is Donald fucking Trump.  Relax.


One thought on “Donald Trump Is An Asshole

  1. Your blog is spot on, we are a nation of assholes. Maybe, just maybe, now that we’ve been given such an accurate mirror, we can concentrate our efforts on growing into more mature, more decent human beings.

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