Days of Gratitude, Day 9: A Song Just For Me


One of the things I love about collecting records is discovering music that has never touched my ears.  I found this old record in a crate given to me by a friend.  Most of the records were classical, some of the music I was familiar with, some I was not.  Amy, who is my vinyl benefactor in this little story, told me that the albums came from a 90 year old man who lived in Europe and brought much of his collection to the US. 

As I looked through these records, and this one in particular due to the stunning artwork, I wondered to myself, when was the last time they had been played?  Who was listening to it?  What did the music mean to the person or people who were hearing it?  Some of these records were older than I was.  This particular album in the above photo was originally released in 1957, though I suspect this stereo version was released several years later.  Either way, it’s been over half a century since it was manufactured and sold.  Now it finds its way to me, and for the first time ever, the music contained on it touches my ears.

It makes me feel things.  It manipulates my emotions.  It speaks to me without words.  What music does to me I cannot describe, but when I think of a record and the journey it has been on to arrive here, in my life, it’s really mind-blowing to behold.  When the album is one that I fall in love with, as this one is, I like to think that I was meant to hear it at the time which I did, because there’s so much music out there, one person could never hear it all.  I fully believe that sometimes, the music chooses you, and I’m really grateful and appreciative when it does.


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