Days of Gratitude, Day 7: The Kindness of Strangers


The phone saga continued the other day, though it is finally over now.  It ended in a very positive way, one in which I am extremely grateful for.

I was having problems with the Kyocera Hydro-Wave I bought as a replacement to get me through.  It was wonky, buggy, it would shut off randomly and restart on the slightest of bumps.   The text message app that was hard-wired into the phone quit working and wouldn’t display my texts.  That’s what prompted me to go to the T-Mobile store and see if they could troubleshoot it.

While I was there explaining the debacle about my Note 4 going for a swim and now this phone acting up, a lady in line looked at me and said, “bad things happen in threes”.  I looked at her with a deadpan look and said, “Gee, thanks.”  I know she was trying to be light-hearted, though.  She was renewing and upgrading all her phones.  While the technician was trying to work on my phone, she turned and offered me, free, her old LG Android phone.


That’s insanely cool of someone I don’t even know.  She erased everything off of it and handed it to me.


That was amazingly nice. 

Later that evening, I popped on my Note 4 and it worked just fine.  I don’t have to spend $175 to replace it.


I also returned the Kyocera and got a refund.  In cash.  And I have a backup in case the Note 4 fritzes out on me.


So yes, I guess good things happen in threes too.  How about that?

Tonight, I had the chance to do a favor for someone else.  Who and what doesn’t matter… but the thing is, doing something for someone else, especially someone you don’t know, could make a world of difference in their life, and it might cost you an item you aren’t going to use anymore or a few minutes of your time or a few extra dollars… and it can really put you in a great mood, so… be excellent to each other.  It’s so worth it.



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