Days of Gratitude, Day 4: Color and Shape


Part of my job has me driving clients around.  Just getting out of the house and seeing the outside world really makes their day.  It makes mine, too.  I’d rather be engaged on some level with the folks under my care than to just be a glorified babysitter and med dispenser.


It’s allowed me to snap some pretty neat pictures in the process.  I post them on my Instagram @frostgiantkills along with a bunch of other random stuff (like Oogie Boogie in a chocolate muffin).


But overall, driving around with my clients fuels a deep appreciation for color and shape.  Whether it’s city or country, there is always a story that presents a beauty that I can’t fully explain in words, and I am grateful for it.



6 thoughts on “Days of Gratitude, Day 4: Color and Shape

  1. I really enjoy your blog! Fantastic pictures and a good text per picture ratio. Also, gratitude has played a huge function in my life. I will be getting my blog up and current soon. It is Casita Dreams on WordPress, but I haven’t made any new entries in the past four years. Your blog is an inspiration,!

    1. Thanks Mike! I’m really happy to be at this point in my journey. A friend of mine has a blog where he posts daily about one thing he is grateful for. I decided to try the same thing last year although I fell way behind. Still, it helped me to be thankful even in situations that were painful. I’m thankful again to be able to pass that forward to others. Looking forward to reading your thoughts when you post them.

  2. It looks like my last comment didn’t get posted because I wasn’t logged in. Just want to say what a great blog you have! I like your gratitude theme, as learning about gratitude saved my life. Your pictures are beautiful, and I like your text to picture ratio. I am going to get back to my blog, Casita Dreams, which has been silent for four years. Your blog is an inspiration!

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