Days of Gratitude, Day 18: Reminders


I used to think these things were stupid.   Who needs to be told to laugh and live and love?  But as I’ve become more in-touch with things and the more I try to rise above my cynicism and doubt, the more I see the value in these reminders.

I bought this bracelet at a toy store and I wear it daily.  It’s one of those slap-on kinds but with a thicker rubber, so I don’t cut my wrist putting it on… gods, how ironic would that be if I bled to death cutting myself with this particular sentiment etched on the item that cut me?  But anyway, I wear it because it literally does help to keep me aware of what’s important.

It’s just very easy for me to forget sometimes.  I’m grateful I have these little things about to remind me.

Sorry for the quick drop, I’ve been crazy busy and I am posting from my phone.  Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Days of Gratitude, Day 18: Reminders

    1. It was a toy store in the Exton Square Mall. I don’t even think it exists anymore, the last time I visited, that mall was pretty beat. A lot of stores are going under

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