Days of Gratitude, Day 16: Finding My Voice

The goatee adds 75 pounds to the image. Just kidding, I was a total chublord.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with an old friend and recording vocals on a cover song he was recording.  It was The Longest Time by Billy Joel, but done more in the punk style of Me First & the Gimme Gimmes.  If you haven’t heard Me First, I highly recommend them.

It had been a long time since I saw Gus.  Though we don’t live that far apart, life gets in the way.  We’re not kids anymore, and we can’t just drop our responsibilities to hang out and watch Chad Vader videos all day.  Anyway, Gus recorded the cover song as a Valentine’s Day gift for his wife last year, but wanted to get his friends to sing it for him.  I’m honored that he asked me, because I love to sing.

I’ve been a musician for decades, but I only started singing about 7 years ago.  I was the drummer in a band called Machina Infernus that kind of sounded like Lamb of God meets Nevermore, and we couldn’t find a singer to stick it out with us.  I volunteered to write the lyrics and give the lead vocals a shot, and after the first two songs were recorded, well, we found ourselves a new drummer instead, and I fell in love with being out front.

For reference, here are the songs- Write Your Name In Blood and All Hail The End.  I also tracked the drums and bass on both songs, and Rich Kovacs did all the guitars.

I was 35 when I stepped out from behind the kit and grabbed a mic, and in the years since, I’ve found an amazing joy in singing.  I’ve connected with so much music just by singing along to it.  Some things can’t be expressed by words alone.  Last November, I recorded a cover song as a birthday gift to my husband, and it was for his ears only.  I spent days on it just so I could play it for him, and it was worth every second.

I’m thankful that I found my voice, and not just my growly-screamy voice.  I’ve been gifted with the ability to sing in several different styles and the more I sing and move into areas like Ben Folds and Billy Joel, the more I appreciate and learn, the more I can take and apply to my own music, and the more I can share it with all of you folks.  Now, if you haven’t seen Chad Vader…  you don’t know what you’re missing.  Neither did I until yesterday.  Enjoy.


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