Days of Gratitude, Day 15: I’ve Fallen, But I Can Get Up.

NFL Playoff Season is to pizza delivery what December is to retail.  It doesn’t matter if your home team is in the mix, there’s enough fans of the game to make it busy.  When you add inclement weather to the mix, well, shit can get crazy real fast.

Freezing rain is no joke.  Over this past weekend, it has caused dozens of car accidents and killed several people.  On Sunday, it put me on my cute chubby tush twice.  The first time was the worst- I slipped on a curb and came down with my right shin directly against that same curb.  I saw stars, the food went tumbling, and I lay on the sidewalk sliding slightly downhill howling in pain.  My customer heard me and was, thankfully, a nice person who was more concerned about me than he was about his pizza, which was now shaken and a little stirred.

A couple hours later I slipped again, and though the fall was not as painful, I was getting tired of scraping myself up off of the icy, wet pavement.

Yet, that is pretty much the universal metaphor for life.  We move, we sometimes fall, and we get up and move on.  I wanted to go home.  Probably could have if I had milked the pain a little or just said “It’s too slippery out”,  but that’s just not me.  Instead, I refocused my attention and reminded myself to watch my step and take it a little slower, and I did not fall again.

By the end of the night, all the ice that had melted on the roads was re-freezing so we shut down early, not by much, but enough so that I got to see my hubby before bedtime.  I was sore and a tad bruised in the morning from my falls, but thankful that I wasn’t seriously hurt, and that I was able to finish out my day.

Be safe out there, take it slow.  There’s never a rush, ever.  And remember, if you fall, unless you’re actually incapacitated (physically or otherwise), the choice to get up and try again is within your grasp.



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