The Delivery Chronicles part 6: Yep, I’ve Been There

So this is making the rounds, and I really hope people see it.  The response to this video is overwhelmingly in favor of the delivery driver, and yet many restaurants, my own included, would have bent over backwards to please the people who did this to the driver.

Summary of the video- car dealership orders $12.xx worth of food, hands the driver $20 bills in singles, and does not ask for change.  In my line of work, if you want to give someone $12 only and not tip, you don’t give them $20 in ones and ask for $8 in ones back- why would you?  You just give the $12, and while the stiff sucks for the driver, we move on.  The dealership?  Nope.  They call the store and ask for their change, so the driver has to go back out there.  He asks the customer why he would hand him an extra $8 in ones if the whole $20 amount wasn’t implicit, and they decide to act like toolbags to the guy.

I’ve had customers on group tickets steal my tip right in front of me, once most notably when a woman who paid her portion with a debit card signed and gave me $2 cash, and the other person who was splitting the bill counted that $2 in with her payment and screwed me out of a tip as if I wasn’t standing right there, and then look at me with a “what are you gonna do about it?” expression on her face.  I can handle being stiffed, it happens every day, but being treated like garbage makes my blood boil.

And we’re not allowed to say anything.  If that were me in the above video, I would have been suspended or fired.  It’s my hope that more people see this and shame the hell out of this dealership, and that restaurants who deliver actually show some backbone towards customers like this who abuse servers and delivery drivers.


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