Days of Gratitude, Day 12: Patience, Patience.

Ask anyone who knows me if I am a patient person and chances are they will burst out laughing.  I’m not known for my ability to plan ahead or let things come to me in their own time.  When I want something I usually want it now, or today, at the very latest.  It’s because my time management is awful.  I know this, and yet I still have failed to take steps to correct it until relatively recently.

Patience isn’t something you can just have if you’re not used to it.  It’s a habit and it takes time to cultivate.  It’s a mental muscle, a discipline, a skill, and because that is so, even those known for being patient can have that skill tested and sometimes lose their shit.  I am evolving from someone who loses their shit quite easily into someone that can take things in stride, and I am just learning how to set things in motion so that by the time my path crosses with what I desire, it’s there to meet me when I want/need it.

Today I had a rare Thursday off- usually I work at least a lunch shift, and sometimes all day until 6 or 8 o’clock.  I wanted to be productive and there are many things I could do that just need to be done around the house, but the one thing I needed to handle first was the Evil Chair.  We call it that because when you sit in it, you don’t want to get up.  It pulls you into a comfortable envelope and before you know it, SLEEEEEEEEEEEP.  Chris has lost hours to the Evil Chair, and even I have trouble resisting its call.  Sadly, the Evil Chair is really old and it recently broke.  Sitting in it was uncomfortable and painful, causing stress on my already-messed up lower back.  I feared the worst, and today, went out to a thrift store and picked up a replacement.  It does not recline but it rocks and rotates and it was only $25.  Sold to the fat man!  I now have a freaking rotating chair.

Then I got greedy and said, you know, I am tired of having my keyboard rest on my lap, so maybe I can find one of those free-standing tables that have feet that slide under your chair and place the keyboard or laptop right in front of you.  Wal-Mart’s gotta have something like that, right?  Nope.  Neither did Best Buy or Staples.  Target missed the- umm, well, yeah, they didn’t have it either.  All they had were these slabs of plastic or wood with a cushy pad on the bottom that rest on your lap.  I don’t want anything on my actual lap, let alone a hunk of refuse that would just be one more item sitting across my shapely thighs.  And they were like fifty bucks too, dafuqouttahere.

So, I allowed the circumstance to win and worked around it.  I was patient.  Yes, I wanted the C-table (which is what someone told me they were called, finally) but I wasn’t going to get it unless I burned my whole day trying to find it.  Instead, I went home glad that I at least got a chair that won’t kill my back.  I was able to appreciate what I had, which was more than what I started with, even though it wasn’t everything I wanted.  Huzzah!

But wait, there’s more!

I decided to see if I could save the Evil Chair, and after about a half hour of surgery, pulling, prodding, and general jerry-rigging, I managed to fix the broken crosspiece, secure it, and get the spring re-attached.  Yay, I’m a wizard!  Now I have a freaking rotating chair and my Evil recliner.  I just need one of these:

I’m thankful that I am learning patience.  It wasn’t too long ago that something like this would have put a cloud over my day.  Instead, I am now sitting on top of one, or so it feels like… and getting sleeeeeeepy…


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