Days of Gratitude, Day 9: Teamwork!

A little over five years ago I wrote a post over on Tip The Pizza Guy (dot com) that proudly stated that I was not, in fact, a team player.  This was about 5 1/2 years ago.  You can read it if you want.  I’ll warn you now, my douchebag flag was flapping high in the breeze, but I just want to state briefly that I’ve had a change of heart, and it’s one that I’ve been coming around to for a few months now.

Recently, at work, the teamwork at the shop has been strong.  I don’t know what it is or why, but it seems like we have a pretty good crew.  Closing shop can be difficult, especially if we’re shorthanded, but that’s when working together is most important.

Tonight was the night that just wouldn’t end.  Freezing temperatures, lots of black ice on the roads, and business didn’t die off around 10:00 like it usually does, we were busy up to the closing bell.  I had a lot of work on my horizon before I even thought of going home, but other crew members stepped in and helped, and we got out pretty close to normal time.  This hasn’t always been the case at my workplace, but I am grateful to see that it is now, with everyone pitching in and doing what they can to benefit the whole restaurant.  I feel a sense of pride in where I work that I haven’t always felt, and a sincere desire to do more and go that extra mile to help my coworkers.


It’s really nice to not hate your job.

And do you know why this post has no relevant image?  Because when I typed “I don’t hate my job” into Google Images I couldn’t find a picture that conveyed the sentiment.  It was as if I searched for the exact opposite.



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