There’s gonna be some changes ’round here.

I’ve begun to make some changes to the ol’ blogeroo.  I want to be more active with this, and not just when the mood strikes me to rant about something inconsequential.

Phase 1- I changed the theme and the color.  The posts will appear chronologically, newest up top, and you can scroll through and expand the ones you want to read and skip the ones you don’t.

Phase 2-  Not every post is going to be a novel.  In fact, I am hoping to keep my posts more frequent, but much more brief and concise.  If a post is gonna go past a few hundred words, I’ll give out the TL;DR trigger warning.

Phase 3-  The content will be more of a journal, less of a sounding board.  That’s not to say I am putting away the soapbox, far from it.  In fact, I am going to make “soapbox” an official category, so you’ll know I’m about to go all Brainy Smurf up in here.  But, there will be other categories that will allow you, the reader, to navigate away from my more sanctimonious ramblings and into things a bit more observational.  I’ll also be posting record reviews I write for Stereokiller here as well.

Lastly, I’m going to be 100% honest here.  I’m not going to hide parts of my life from this endeavor.  I probably won’t go into depth on certain issues, but in order for this to work I have to be truthful and write without apologizing for myself.  I’m sure nothing I post will shock anyone who knows me, but, just giving you the heads up.  Or, since we speak in memes these days:




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