Days of Gratitude: Day 1- Friends

How many of us have them?  Friends.  Ones we can depend on?  If you find yourself singing that later, thank me.  If you need a hammer to drive it home…

For my first act of gratitude, I would like to express my utmost thanks for friends.  Real friends.  People who I have known over the course of my life who have made this journey extremely interesting.

Every now and then I will attempt to prune my Facebook friends list to get it down to a more manageable number.  I’m currently at around 560 people.  That’s a whole lot of friends.  By comparison my husband has under 200, which is still a lot of people.  Yet, of all 560 or so friends of mine on Facebook, I’ve met most of them in person.  Of that, a significant number of them are people I consider real friends.  Maybe 100 of them are very close friends.  I have friends from all over the place- from my childhood, from the various bands and music scenes I’ve been a part of, from people I used to train with when I was a strength athlete, to people I’ve met at munches and events, or bear nights from 20 years ago.  A few I’ve only known from the internet, but the ones I know just from online that I’ve kept around- pretty sure they’re people I would be very close to should we ever meet in person.  I love making friends and I am grateful for every one of them, in all of their unique glory and splendor.  Thank you all for making my life more colorful than a Bob Ross painting.



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